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About Us

Research and Development Facilities

Research and Development Center for Water and Heat

Sasakura Techno-plaza is a research and development center for our technology and products concerned with water treatment and heat utilization. All our staff members of R&D, design, sales and production, join in partnering closely with our clients in promoting their projects.
Day in and day out we pursue research and development to meet promptly to to our customer's requirement.
By fusing our customer's data and knowhow with our core technology, we create new technologies and systems, resolving all types of issues in partnership with our customers.


  • Facility for Joint Research and Development to comply with customer's requirement.
  • Facility for testing and demonstration of new products and technologies.
  • Showroom for our technology

Our Facilities

  • Test operation and demonstration area

    Performance test of existing products and new development products are carried out.

    • ・Overhead crane as 4.8ton x 2 units
    • ・Delivery door size height = 4.0m× width = 4.5m
  • History of Sasakura Technology
    The history of our technology as water, heat and sound since inauguration is shown in display area.
  • Water Treatment Lab
    It serves as the fundamental laboratory for our core technology as evaporative concentration.
    We can carry out the lab-scale test for confirming evaporation properties of each sample.
  • Project Room
    The facilities equipped with testing with customers, and it works independently.
    Depending on the stage of research, analytical room and operational test room are also available.
  • Analysis room
    Some analyzers as Inductively Coupled Plasma, Ion Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and Digital microscope for test, analysis and verification are provided.
  • Multipurpose study room
    The energy - saving radiant air conditioning system has introduced. It will provide more human-friendly and comfortable space to visitors.
    Water Refrigerant Roots Chiller is introduced. Visitors will feel quit and comfortable air condition.
    Radiant air conditioning system with water refrigerant is installed.
    Audio/Visual system for presentations is provided
  • Core Techplaza
    Our last core technologies are displayed as panel.

Facilities summary

Site area / 4,380m2Main building total floor area / 3,080m2 Steel construction/ 4 floors above ground

Acoustic Laboratory

Facility for Sound Research and Development
Aero-Acoustic Research Laboratory

Sasakura Acoustic Engineering’s high-spec noise control system is designed based on experimental data from our Aero-Acoustic Research Laboratory with a genuine acoustic wind tunnel and reverberation chamber, which are very few in number in Japan. It is possible to obtain data on the sound absorption and sound insulation characteristics of various materials as well as acoustic and airflow characteristics of each part of the duct system, including the silencer. Acoustic experiments can be performed on real machines or scale models, so the best approach can be selected to find a solution to each problem.


  • 1. Experiments for acoustic and aerodynamic characteristics of all kinds of noise control systems (dynamic acoustic insertion loss, pressure loss etc.)
  • 2. Experiments for all kinds of materials, sound-absorbing panels, sound insulation and other acoustic characteristics
    (Reverberant sound absorption coefficient, sound transmission loss etc.)
  • 3. Measuring of acoustic power level of noise generated by test pieces


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