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Land-Based Desalination Plant

MED Desalination plant
(2019 Saline Water Conversion Corp. Shoaiba Phase II, Saudi Arabia)

Product Outline

Since our establishment as a specialized manufacturer of desalination plants and delivery of the first unit in 1966, the company has tirelessly conducted research and development and built up its technological base. We have now established ourselves in a position as a leading manufacturer with industry-leading technologies and achievements. Based on our multiple award-winning multi-stage flash-type desalination plant technology, we have also constructed plants both large and small, as well as reverse osmosis desalination plants which are attracting attention as a means to reduce energy consumption. These plants are in use all around the world and have led many people to think of Sasakura as synonymous with desalination plants.


We can provide various types of desalination plants, such as multi-stage flash-type desalination plants using steam as a heat source and the principle of flash evaporation that occurs when a liquid with a temperature higher than the saturation temperature flows into a vacuum chamber, reheat-type desalination plants which employ the superior thermal efficiency of multiple effects of vapor compression, energy-saving vapor-compression-type desalination plants (VVC), and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Products List

Land-Based Desalination Plant
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