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Company History

  • 1949~1959

    Transition from developing shipborne rigid vaporizers to seawater desalination systems (water production systems)

    1949.2Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd. was established
    1951.3Began manufacturing and sales of Fresh Water Generator for ships
    1953.9Development low-pressure and low-temperature evaporator for ships
    1956.11Built No.1 Takejima Works
    1957.7Began manufacturing and sales of SK-GR submerged tube-type distilling plants for ships
    1959.12Began manufacturing and sales of Flash Type Distlling Plant


  • 1960~1969

    Development of land-based seawater desalination systems - big leap to a global company

    1960.7Opened Tokyo Office
    1961.2Began manufacturing and sales of AFG-type distilling plants for diesel ships
    1962.12Began manufacturing and sales of oily water separators for ships
    1962.12Developed OASIS small distilling plant for fishing boats
    1963.9Began manufacturing and sales of air-cooled heat exchangers under a technical collaboration with Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation
    1963.12Began manufacturing and sales of K-fin tubes and Aircooled Heat Exchangers
    1965.6Developed MSF desalination plant through a research project subsidized by Japan's Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI)
    1966.1Delivered air-cooled heat exchangers for municipal waste incineration plant
    1966.6Exprorted the first MSF Dasalination Plant (2,300T/D) for land installation to Arabian Oil Company at Khaji, Saudi Arabia
    1966.6Exported Japan's first land-based MSF desalination plant (1,890T/D) to Arabian Oil Company in Khafji, Saudi Arabia
    1966.9Delivered land-based MSF desalination plant (2,650T/D) to Matsushima Tanko Co., Ltd. on Ikeshima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture (first installation in Japan)
    1967.1Obtained an order (world's largest at the first) for 36,400T/D MSF Desalination Plant from the Kuwait Government
    1968.6Exported MSF desalination plants (9,100T/D×2units) to Shuaiba Refinery, Kuwait (the world's largest at the time)
    1969.7Appointed by MITI's Agency of Industrial Science and Technology as the leading company foa a large-scale research project entitled "Seawater Desalination and Utilization of its Byproducts"


  • 1970~1979

    Expansion and reinforcement of overseas business

    1970.4Obtained an order for long-tube type MSF desalination pilot plant (3,000T/D) from MITI's Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
    1970.6Awarded prize by the Prime Minister of the Government for having greatly contributed to the promotion of expors
    1971.5Began manufacturing and sales of reverse osmosis water treatment plants
    1971.8Began manufacturing and sales of IAC noise control systems
    1971.12Began manufacturing and sales of sewage treatment plants for ships
    1972.7Began manufacturing and sales of cryogenic butterfly valve for LNG
    1972.8Obtained an order for MSF desalination plants (30,000T/D×6units) from the Hong Kong Government (the world's largest at the time)
    1972.12Utajima Works began manufacturing operations
    1973.3Began manufacturing of MES Desalination Plants and received the first order from Chubu Electric Power Co.,Ltd
    1974.7Onoda Works began manufacturing operations
    1974.10Obtained an order for Japan's first large-scale reverse osmosis desalination plant (1,500T/D) from Sumikinkako K.K. in Kashima, Ibaraki Prefecture
    Awarded prize by Machinery Promotion Association for the development of desalination systems using MSF evaporation technique
    1975.5Obtained an order for Jeddah 2 MSF desalination plants (11,400T/D×4units) from Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), Saudi Arabia
    1976.1Developed reheat-type (MED) desalination plant
    1976.7Awarded 1st Inoue Harushige Prize for research and development of seawater desalination and successful commercialization
    1976.10Began manufacturing and sales of Actuator for Cryogenic Valves
    1977.3Awarded Ohkochi Memorial Prize for having succeeded in establishing technology of MSF Desalination Plant by the Evaporation system
    1977.5Obtained an order for the world's first barge-mounted desalination plant (682T/D×3units) from The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia
    1979.9Obtained an order for large-scale Al Jubail Phase 2 MSF desalination plants (23,500T/D×20units)from SWCC, Saudi Arabia (the world's largest at the time)


  • 1980~1989

    Pioneered water, heat, and sound systems and transitioned to an environmental company

    1980.6Began manufacturing and sales of thermal recovery units using heat pipes
    1982.2Increased the company's capital to ¥1 bilion
    1983.1Obtained an order for reverse osmosis desalination plant (46,000T/D) from Ministry of Electricity and Water, Bahrain
    1983.4Opened Bahrain Branch(Closed in March 2022)
    1983.4Began OEM of enclosures for gas turbing generators for Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    1983.11Began manufacturing and sales of VVC-type desalination plants
    1983.12Began manufacturing and sales of Vacuum Deaerator
    1984.9Construction of the new head office building was completed
    1985.4Obtained an order for a noise control system for the air conditioning system at the new head office of Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
    1986.7Began manufacturing and sales of newly developed Membrane Oily Water Separator
    1987.4Began manufacturing and sales of VVCC-type evaporating concentrators
    1987.4Began manufacturing and sales of newly developed Ozon Master
    1987.11Completed the Aero-Acoustic Research Laboratory, a comprehensive research facility for acoustics technologies
    1988.10Began manufacturing and sales of Rotary Thermosiphon Chill Rolls


  • 1990~1999

    Transformation to a publicly listed company

    1991.1Extension of Onoda Works was completed and began manufacturing of Silencer
    1992.5Awared for Distinguished Servece of the Japan Gas Association for the development of light-weight and ultra-light-weight Emergency Release System for LNG Loading Arms
    1992.10Changed corporate name to Sasakura Engineering Co.,Ltd.
    Awarded Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Prize for development of Rotary Thermosiphon Chill Rolls
    1994.3Delivered the first evaporating concentrator for Sharp Corporation's LCD Factory
    1994.10Established "PT. SASAKURA INDONESIA"
    1994.12Company stock was listed on Osaka Stock Exchange Bureau
    Increased the company's capital to ¥2.22 billion
    1995.2Began manufacturing and sales of Metadyne anechoic rooms
    1995.4Began manufacturing and sales of Hot Gas Filter
    1995.7Began manufacturing and sales of harvest ice thermal storage systems (Delivered first and second units)
    1997.10Began OEM of super chiller-type icemakers
    1998.1Obtained ISO-9001 certification for design, development and production of Butterfly Valves
    1998.6Began manufacturing and sales of silencers using ceramic sound absorbing material
    1998.11Began manufacturing and sales of Aquario plate-type fresh water generators for ships
    1999.10Obtained ISO-9001 certification for design, development and production of Desalination Plant and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


  • 2000~2009

    Expansion into the environmental field to contribute to creating a carbon-neutral society

    2001.1Obtained ISO-9001 certification for design, development and production of all Sasakura Products
    2001.12Began manufacturing and sales of Eco-PET Silencer using recycled material from PET bottles
    2002.6Cumulative shipment of air-cooled heat exchangers exceeded 10,000units
    2002.9Obtained ISO-14001 certification for development, design, production, marketing and service of all Sasakura Products
    2002.10Established Arabian Company and Sasakura for Water & Power (APS), a joint venture in Saudi Arabia to expand desalination business in the Middle East
    2003.3Began manufacturing and sales of evaporating concentrators for dilute hydrofluoric acid recovery systems
    2003.11Began manufacturing and sales of VOC Polluted Water Remediation Plant
    2004.6Obtained an order for Rehabilitation Work on Jeddah 4 MSF desalination plants (23,500T/D×10units) from SWCC, Saudi Arabia, via APS
    Awarded Chairman’s Prize by Japan society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers for the development of Fluoric Acid Recovery system
    2004.11Acquired type approval for SHT-type bilge separators in conformance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) MEPC. 107 (49) regulations
    2005.8Concluded business collaboration with Nakakita Seisakusho Co., Ltd. for the manufacturing and sale of Cryogenic Butterfly Valve for LNG carriers
    2005.9Completion Sasakura Technoplaza, a comprehensive research facility for water and heat technologies
    2005.9Developed radiant air conditioning system using water as a cooling medium
    2005.12Obtained an order for Satellite MED desalination Plants (63,000T/D : 12units) for six cities along the Red Sea coast from SWCC, Saudi Arabia
    2006.2Achieved the delivery of 10,000 ujnits in total for K-series Fresh Water Generator
    2006.4Obtained an order for silencer for the International Space Station Kounotori transfer vehicle from Nagoya Aerospace Systems Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 
    2006.9Sasakura's K-series Fresh Water Generator won The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers' First Excellent Product Award
    Participated in SAJAHP joint research project for hybrid seawater desalination plant; designed, manufactured, and delivered pilot plant (24 T/D)
    2007.11Opened "Customer Services Kameyama Office" in Kameyama City, Mie Prefecture(Closed in March 2018)
    2008.6Opened Middle East Engineering Centre in Bahrain(Closed in March 2022)
    2009.2Development sewage treatment plant in conformance with the revised international standard IMO MEPC. 159(55) regulations


  • 2010~2019

    Exploring corporate value

    2010.11Obtained an order for the first evaporating concentrator for food and beverage use
    2011.2Obtained an order for rehabilitation of Shoaiba Phase 1 MSF Desalination Plant from SWCC of Saudi Arabia
    2011.4Opened “Shanghai Representative Office” in China(Closed in November 2018)
    2012.5Delivered approximately 30,000 radiant panels to the new head office of Shimizu Corporation
    2012.8Delivered silencers for semi-anechoic chambers and wind tunnels for Toyota Motor Corporation's new vehicle testing building
    2012.11Delivered radiant air conditioning system to the Yamada Service Area (Fukuoka Prefecture) of West Nippon Expressway Company Limited (NEXCO)
    2013.5Obtained an order for new soundproof louvers for a base-isolated, high-rise building in the north of the Tokyo Nihonbashi 2-chome district
    2013.7Transferred to Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange due to the Integration of Cash Equity Markets with Osaka Securities Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange
    2014.1Established Sasakura Taiwan Co., LTD.
    Began manufacturing and sales of the Fresh Water Generator Series X for ships
    2014.9Obtained an order for rehabilitation of Al-Jobail Phase 2 C4 MSF Desalination Plant from SWCC of Saudi Arabia
    2015.1btained an order for Shoaiba Phase 2 MED desalination plant (the world's largest and most efficient desalination plant ; 91,200 T/D) from SWCC, Saudi Arabia
    2015.2Entrusted with "Verification of Technologies for Contaminated Water Management (Demonstration Project for Verification Tests of Tritium Separation Technologies)" by Japan's Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
    2016.9Obtained an order for SASAKURA Mobile Evaporator, the first mobile evaporating concentrator
    2016.10Jointly developed evaporating concentrator with a solvent recovery system, that enables recovery of solvents, with Nippon Refine Co.,Ltd.
    Acquired ALQ Enviromental Engineering Co.,Ltd. as a consolidated subsidiary (Currently Sasakura Acoustic Engineering Co.,Ltd.)
    2016.12Established Sasakura Enviro-Science Foundation
    2017.3Acquired Arabian Company and Sasakura for Water & Power as a consolidated subsidiary, and renamed as Sasakura Middle East Company in August
    2017.6Awarded Chairman's Award from the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers (June) and the Technology Award from the Society of Separation Process Engineers (May) for evaporating concentrator with a solvent recovery system
    2018.4Established Sasakura Shanghai Co.,Ltd. in China
    2018.10Established Sasakura Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd.
    2018.10Began manufacturing and sales of WX-type Fresh Water Generators for ships
    2019.12Received the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner's Award in the FY2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize for the VVCC evaporating concentrator


  • 2020~

    Becoming a company that adapts flexibly to change

    2020.9Received the Chairman's Award for the Linear Silencer® at the 46th JSIM Awards for Environmentally Excellent Equipment
    2021.4Completed Hydronic heating and cooling radiation panel performance measuring room
    2021.6Moved PT. Sasakura Indonesia manufacturing plant to Kendal
    2021.7egan manufacturing and sales of Bilge Separator PURELIO Model
    2021.8Sasakura Tokyo Branch Office Moved to New Office (Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
    2021.10Sasakura Alq Acoustic Engineering Inc. Absorbed and Merged with Sasakura Acoustic Engineering Co., Ltd.
    2022.4Shifted from the Second Section to the Standard Market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange due to market restructuring
    2023.2Delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market
    2024.3Capital reduced to 100 million yen.



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