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Evaporating Concentrator


With Sasakura, a clean society —
Sasakura’s evaporating concentrators provide volume reduction, recovery of valuable elements, and reuse of water.
We aim to achieve the SDGs by dispelling the image that evaporation is expensive in terms of energy costs and contributing to a 3R, decarbonized society with our unique energy-saving technologies. We invite you to join us in creating a future that is friendly to people and the earth, a future only possible with Sasakura, which has installed more than 1,000 units to date.

◎Image of liquid waste treatment

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd., Sasakura Engineering Co., Ltd., and Japan Electro-Heat Center received the “Director General’s Award from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy” in the energy conservation case study category of the 2019 Energy Conservation Grand Prize for the “Energy Conservation Innovation in Concentration Process Using Heat Recycling”. The companies received this award in recognition of the significant energy savings achieved by applying heat recycling to the waste liquid concentration process.

Primary market

LCDs, semiconductors, lithium batteries, OLEDs, capacitors, printing, solar cells, etc.
【Automotive machinery】
EV vehicles, tires, automotive parts, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, painting, etc.
【Environment, natural resources and energy】
Power plants, rare metals, shale gas, final disposal sites, offshore drilling, etc.
【Chemical materials】
Steel, nonferrous metals, glass, cement, textiles, paper, etc.
New drugs, cosmetics, Chinese medicine, toiletries, etc.
Beverages, milk, condiments, sugar, oil, salt, shochu, beer, etc.

Products List

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