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Plate-Type Fresh Water Generator Aquario

Product Outline

Utilizing waste heat from diesel engine cooling water, seawater is evaporated under vacuum to produce high purity fresh water. The fresh water produced this way is used in a variety of applications including as drinking water, boiler water, and other miscellaneous uses. There are two types of fresh water generators: tubular and plate.


This fresh water generator utilizes plate-type heat exchanger technology. By making the heat exchanger coverless, installation space can be reduced, and maintenance and inspection work can be performed easily and quickly. The amount of water generated per day ranges from 20 to 45 tonnes. It can also generate water with steam by adding a steam injector or a steam booster unit. There are two types, RE type and RM type, depending on how the cooling seawater is supplied and how the ejector pump is arranged.

Plate-Type Fresh Water Generator Aquario
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