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Double Effect Fresh Water Generator series WX

Product Outline

This new-generation fresh water generator can generate water with a small amount of heat. While heat sources to supply fresh water generators are becoming scarce due to a decrease in waste heat from main engines because of recent energy efficiency initiatives, the demand for fresh water by environmental regulations has been increasing. The WX series of highly efficient fresh water generators have been developed in response to these changes in the vessel environments.


We have further developed the highly reliable fresh water generator Series X. Water generation efficiency is about twice that of the X series. It is best suited for vessels that cannot obtain required amounts of water due to shortage of heat sources, or for vessels that need more fresh water than before due to SOx NOx regulations. The lineup also includes a split type for easy transshipment. The ease of use of the X series has been retained, so operation is easy. The amount of water generated per day ranges from 20 to 40 tonnes. It can also generate water with steam by adding a steam injector as before.

Double Effect Fresh Water Generator series WX
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